Greenwich Council Christian Fellowship

A Testimony from Greenwich Council Christian Fellowship

‘Enforcement is part of my job and I was in the car with a young man who doesn’t believe in God. As I was driving in my heart I was saying, “Dear Lord what can I say to this guy, I want to talk about Christ, but how am I going to go about it in such a way that he might not repel or kick against what I’m going to say or find it offensive.” So I was just thinking my heart was for him on the journey and just out of the blue the guy asks me, “What do you think about life after death?” We were in the car and I thought God was sitting in the back sit, so I said, “What did you say?” and he said “What do you think about life after death?” and then I said “well my faith has already convinced me that there’s life after death” and then I started to tell him the reasons why I believe there’s life after death.

He kept quiet for a while and in my mind I was thinking OK what button did I press that’s going to tell him, OK pull over I want to get out now. But he said, “Do you know what I’ve never looked at things from that perspective before.” What I didn’t do is I didn’t press or push him any further with him. So since then he has talked to me about a number of things and has approached me about a number of things. He’s in a relationship with another guy and it’s quite turbulent in a way for him but I’m just trusting that God will visit. One of the ways that I’m hoping is not that people will be throwing scriptures at him but by their life, you know. If he says he has a problem based on his situation, you don’t mock him you don’t laugh at him you sit down and be a listener.

Why do you choose to come to the Greenwich Christian Fellowship?
Being a Christian I come to this group because you never stop learning until you die, and there’s always something that you can take from the gathering of Saints that you can apply out there in the world. The Bible talks about us coming together, and encouraging one another with songs hymns spiritual songs and you get that from gatherings like this. It’s not just meant for me to be filled and staying filled but it’s meant for me to be filled and then released so I can come back and get more. It’s been working so far so I’m not about to let it end.

Testimony by Tony

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